I see my role as your counselor is to guide you through a journey of awareness, healing, and growth in both yourself and in your relationships. I believe that our relationship with ourselves can influence the way we view our world and the relationships we are in.  As I support my clients through their journey, I listen to clients’ unique life stories and place an importance on cultural sensitivities that come into play.  I understand that therapy is not one size fits all.

I support pre-engaged couples and premarital couples through the transition of dating, becoming engaged, and marriage. I provide an environment for couples to explore their challenges as well as their strengths to prepare for a successful and satisfying marriage.
I also guide couples in addressing road blocks such as, but not limited to: infidelity, communication, trust, and managing shared responsibilities.
I have a particular interest and experience in helping couples improve their intimacy through sexuality. I help couples build more comfort in talking about sex to each other, and ultimately help them to gain awareness of their individual sexuality as well as the sexual environment of their relationship.
FOCUS: Pre-Engagement/ Premarital, Couples, Individuals, Relational Sex Therapy, South Asian Counseling


All sessions take place at 1302 N. Shepherd Drive, 3rd Floor